Press Releases

Announcement of new Managing Partner

March 30, 2017 | KAUNAS, LITHUANIA

tada5 systems is proud to announce that Matas Velička, has been appointed as the new Managing Partner and Chief Sales Officer of the company, effective 30 March 2017.

Matas Velička was elected after a robust selection process in the monthly meeting of the Managing Partners which culminated in a partnership vote.

Matas Velička assumes the role from Ugnė Mingilaitė who has served in the position since the founding of the company. During Ugnė Mingilaitė's tenure, the firm underwent a period of significant expansion. Ugnė Mingilaitė has left the position earlier this year in search for new professional challenges and ways of self expression.

Ugnė Mingilaitė to leave tada5 systems

January 8, 2017 | KAUNAS, LITHUANIA

tada5 systems announced today that Ugnė Mingilaitė, tada5 systems' Chief Sales Officer will be leaving the company and a search has been initiated for a permanent replacement. She will stay on through the search process.

Ugnė Mingilaitė's planned departure caps a distinguished career that began at the founding of the company. As one of the founding managing partners she has made important contributions to this company, earning a wide respect across the organization for her achievements and personal integrity.

tada5 systems' managing partners will initiate the process of Ugnė Mingilaitės' sucession planning to indetify and evaluate a robust slate of candidates for consideration.